Public Transport

Here in the northern rivers we do not have a public transport system that connects people to the places we want and need to be. We lost our train service 15 years ago and we are left with inefficient outdated bus services that do not properly connect us. 

Across the Northern Rivers we will:

  • Develop a comprehensive Public Transport System across and beyond the Northern Rivers, to improve the movement of our communities and our touring visitors through our Region.
  • Build the Public Transport System on the principles of accessibility, safety, affordability, efficiency, sustainability and tourism opportunity and including trains, light rail, electric buses, car sharing, cycleways and walkways.
  • We will support North-South rail development to link Robina and SE Qld to Ballina and east-west mini bus services to connect the interstate rail to our towns and villages.
  • Retain our very valuable Rail Corridor as public land for the purpose of the Public Transport System.
  • Retain existing rail tracks and rail infrastructure in situ until the Public Transport System is designed, approved and funded.
  • Promote the Rail Corridor as the key link between villages that then offer settlement options including affordable housing.