Food, Fibre & Sustainability

The Nationals across all of NSW left the farm a long time ago and sold out family farmers, prime farmland and our precious water resources to corporate agribusiness, coal and gas.

Family farms are the backbone of sustainable agriculture because they  are more adaptable and diverse. Our current Governments are not investing in transitioning our essential agricultural sector to sustainable and regenerative food and fibre production.

With the right investment and support our Region will play an essential and prosperous part in our food and fibre security.

We will provide investment and incentives to make the Northern Rivers the food producing capital of the state, including beef, dairy, rice, fruit, and nuts as well as fodder and fibre cropping.

The Northern Rivers is a place like no other. With rainfall and fertile soil, we are positioned to lead the way in NSW as a food and fibre hub…


Sue Higginson-Dryland Rice Farmer

As a rice farmer and a founder of of the Northern Rivers Rice Growers Association Sue has first experience as a local farmer in a new and emerging agricultural sector. Sue has experienced first hand the lack of support from the National Party for this industry as it prioritised the multinational company Sunrice in the Riverina over small farmers in our region.

As part of a proposed statewide Greens agricultural policy, Sue is proposing a number of innovations to improve food production, sustainability and biosecurity. These include:

1. A $120 million low interest loans scheme for young farmers and  conservation works.

2. Establish grants for infrastructure and initiatives around creating a regionally branded Local Food Fund.

3. Establish a Parliamentary Standing Committee on Food Security, Agricultural Sustainability and Healthy Lifestyles.

4. Protect agricultural land from incompatible developments such as mining, coal seam gas and urban expansion. Specifically the Sydney Basin, Liverpool Plains, the Riverina and the North Coast.

5. Establish a modern Biosecurity system with a $5 million high risk incursion response fund to combat new pests, diseases and weeds.

6. The Greens will assist Australian farmers to diversify and future proof their business with broadacre hemp cropping and farm conversions. As a food, Hemp seed is one of the healthiest sources of protein on Earth, requires no chemicals and little water to grow.