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I’m Sue Higginson, your Greens candidate for Lismore. I’m a farmer, a lawyer, and a grandmother.


As a lawyer, I’ve taken on coal and CSG companies on behalf of communities and won.


My party doesn’t accept corporate donations so I owe no favours. I will represent you.


I will fight for our rivers, invest in sustainable agriculture, health, public transport, housing and education and take strong action on climate change.


I have an innovative plan that will create jobs in a clean, green future.

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"As a public interest environmental lawyer, CEO and Principal Solicitor for the Environmental Defenders Office, I have devoted much of my life to fighting for regional communities under threat. In court, I have taken on giants like Rio Tinto and Adani and won. I have seen firsthand how the system currently works to privilege big corporate interests that take unfair advantage of our communities and our environment. In NSW Parliament, I will fight for you, our region and a future for all of us.

As a grandmother and commercial dry-land rice farmer, I want to see our local industries thrive and our children and grandchildren have opportunities to build futures here.

The Greens vision for NSW provides a future for all of us, not just the well-connected few. Every person can have a home, access to high quality education, fair work and properly staffed hospitals. We must turn around the current trend of cutting investment into our regional services such as health care, public transport, community legal services, domestic violence services and TAFE.

We need to remove the barriers that are stopping innovation and start investing properly in our region's natural assets so that we can all enjoy a good life. We have good rainfall, mighty rivers, fertile soils and world class forests and biodiversity, which make the Northern Rivers and Tablelands places like no other.

By taking positive action on climate change we can unleash new sustainable jobs. We can restore our rivers back to health and invest in sustainable agriculture creating a thriving regional food and produce hub. Through investing in the health of our environment we can generate significant new opportunities around sustainable tourism as it is growing rapidly through the region.

I am seeking to be your local member so that I can take my knowledge, expertise and passion for this place to the NSW Parliament and be a strong voice for you and our region." Sue Higginson

The Greens have a vision for a fairer, more sustainable NSW, with environmental protection and better care for all people.

Never has there been a more critical time to support The Greens in Lismore.

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