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I'm a Farmer, I'm a Lawyer, and I'm a Grandmother. And I want to take my expertise, my knowledge, and my passion for this place to NSW Parliament and be a strong voice for you and our region!

Get involved with the campaign at my website: Sue4lismore.org.au
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Wow this woman has it all and we need her to represent us #greens #lismore #suehigginson

Please .the greens are not sustainable for this country .

I'm very fond of Janelle Saffin also. With either Sue or Janelle representing us - whoever has the most supporters - our area will do very well. I hope voters make sure that they number both women on the ballot paper in their order of preference. Don't let your vote be thrown away if your preferred candidate doesn't win outright. Not unless you're partial to Austin Curtin and a coalition government.

I found Sue an impressive speaker, but like so many young girls she has got in with the wrong crowd - those railway people from the wrong side of the tracks (debate). She rides a horse but I think we need to chip in and buy her a bicycle to put her on the right path.

I can’t think of a better person to look after our beautiful region. Go Sue ❤️🌿

What a terrific candidate! And a wonderful human being!

Cool... Sue says all the right things and has all of the right experience. The BIGGEST RORT IN OUR REGION. is no train service for 14 yrs... to get my vote, this needs mentioning!

Best wishes in the silly season. You deserve the seat!

no mention of relegalising Cannabis , so she's off my list

Sue is our best hope - she is a perfect fit for what this region needs to lift it to a new level. It’s a pleasure and privilege to have her representing us.

Be strong I do t believe the greens are the party that truly represents the community anymore

I hate the Greens

If I was still living in Lismore...

She sounds great - wish I could vote for her! (Different electorate)

Just a wolf in sheep's clothing It's not what she said it's what she doesn't say, a vote for her is a vote for the wackest policies in the country. take a tip run from the devil while you can.

You are also an amazing person.


Love this, go Sue xx

Yay! Love to back you to get the votes. Our region, our country and our world need a woman like you to step up. Thanks for yr work and the hope you inspire.

I was at the anti-protest protest a few months ago, Sue and the greens were standing up for our right to protest. Our democracy is being taken away from us, Sue is a great representative of the people


Good one! Suli Lokollo! Seala Oisín Lokollo Evans!

You look tired and half dead. Eat some meat hippy.

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The average age of a farmer is close to 60. The average age of an Australian worker is 39. It is great that here in the Northern Rivers there are networks for young farmers. If farming is your thing, check this out. 🌱🌏#NRYFA is calling out for EOI - please share through #NorthernRivers networks. There are still a number of positions on our Young Farmers Leadership Council Seeking Expressions of Interest now : 2019 Formation NRYFA leadership group Calling for 7 young farmer representatives from each of the Northern Rivers Local Government Areas. Its time to build the capacity of our regional young farmers network and we need your help. Seeking a core volunteer team to drive activity, funding and opportunity for the NRYFA. The NRYFA is important because it: Builds and strengthens community Provides opportunities for new friendships and business relationships Promotes sustainable land use and ethically grown produce. Offers cost-sharing opportunities for seed or equipment, price negotiation and labor pooling. Creates a venue for continuing education, mentorship, and open dialogue Offers young and beginning farmers a collective voice in their community Provides a platform for advocacy and with government agencies We are very grateful to have to support of @santosorganics For more information visit www.FutureFeeders.org #youngfarmers #futurefeeders #northernriversproduce #farmlandforfarming #knowyourfarmer #localfarms #northernnsw #sustainablefarming #leadership #nswfarms ... See MoreSee Less

The average age of a farmer is close to 60. The average age of an Australian worker is 39. It is great that here in the Northern Rivers there are networks for young farmers. If farming is your thing, check this out. 🌱🌏

Our Plan to Revive the Richmond RiverThe Richmond River system is the heart of the Northern Rivers Region but sadly has been identified as one of the most degraded river systems in NSW- but the Greens here in the Northern Rivers have a plan for its revival. We have known since the 1980’s the health of the river was poor, but successive governments have ignored our river’s plight. In 2014 the UNE Ecohealth Report identified the Richmond and Wilsons River as one of the state’s worst and since then the National/Liberal Government has taken no effective action to fix it. You can read more about the history of inaction on the river here. The River system is the sixth largest in NSW and is vital to the future of our region for farming, sustainable tourism, business, education, cultural rights, and recreation. We must invest now before the cost of action gets any higher. Our plan is a whole of catchment approach to revive the River which would be led by a River Health Commissioner and will cost around $200 million over at least 10 years. The final plan will be launch in early 2019. Elements of the the $200 million draft plan include: Incentives to fence off river banks to stock and change to farming practices to reduce pollution and erosion Planting millions of trees in strategic locations along the catchment An independent Richmond River Commissioner to coordinate a whole-of-government and community response A revolving fund to acquire, restore and on sell strategically important land An end to native forest logging in the catchment Funding for estuary, wetland and mangrove rehabilitation Funding for Aboriginal Traditional Owners to revegetate and restore their Native Title Lands and identify and protect cultural sites ... See MoreSee Less

Our Plan to Revive the Richmond River


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Hi sue still haven’t answered it

Commission SCU Music Dept to write a symphonic poem on the river a la Bedřich Smetana's "The Moldau" (1874): a tone painting to evoke the sounds of one of Bohemia's great rivers.

What is your plan to reduce flooding? and it doesn't mention any infrastructure to maximise tourism like encouraging businesses to build restaurants and cafes, music venues with river views, anyone remember the Lismore Club? what about a river music festival with floats and bring back the lantern parade there?

Great to hear. In my understanding the Tweed River is second or third most polluted rivers. It will be soooo good to clean up all rivers.

This is a plan that could be applied to all of our river catchments, major and minor, country and urban. Research by EWKR on the determination of seedbank in the Murray Darling Basin is very positive. Cooperation and collaboration by all stakeholders will be critical to success, but worth doing, with potentially good ecological outcomes. Should be included in the Richmond River project as may prove very efficient!

The NSW government department thats in charge of water and local councils need to be challenged too. Large and small catchments in the northern rivers will not improve with the 1940s land management practises and attitudes that are widespread in the northern rivers. In recent years piping rivers underground in rural village!!!! Proliferation of dams!!!! Perhaps have to start with that basic message. RIVERS ARE NOT DRAINS...... Healthy catchments are a precious resource.

I would like to discuss some ideas I was developing regarding pro-rata rate relief for landholders who reafforest their riparian zones. Cheap objective verification process. Will be back in country before Christmas.

Question for sue ... I can only assume given your push to rectify the issues of the river you have spent some time on the water and had a look first hand?. If this is the case can you tell me exactly how many properties that are used for cattle grazing have what I would call a “beach” that cows (if they are such a major cause of bank erosion) can walk down to and drink from the river?.. I have fished this river system all my life explored it by boat and by kayak and I can tell you most properties are a drop off to the water by way of natural erosion, there is no way a cow could even access the water on most properties. So why then would you think fencing these areas would could help the issue ? you’re only passing expenses onto the property owner. And given the fact that every bass season there are new “snags” (trees that have fallen into the river by natural erosion... unless cows are pushing willows and coral trees in) how far back is the fence going ? How much land is to be stripped from property owners ? I’m all for cleaning the river but forcing people to erect fencing that will be a non stop expense with repairs from flooding is stupid.. I didn’t see any mention of the effects of carp (unless I’ve missed something ) there effects on the water ways far outweigh anything else if you look into it.. or will the greens not condone the killing of carp? Back to the drawing board I think

some trees get undermined in floods ,eventually end up in the river can show the results of this if you want

all well and good, but how is this going to be funded...?

It all sounds excellent, obviously you will take into account flooding where fences and trees are concerned! It's a great start.

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