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So that's a wrap for this 2019 State Election. Congratulations to Janelle Saffin the new Member for Lismore. Well done to the other candidates particularly Austin Curtain who gave so much of his life to his campaign.

The Sue4Lismore campaign was nothing short of awesome. To each and everyone of you who made it happen you are wonderful. We all engaged positively and energetically together in the politics of love, hope and change. We campaigned about the big things, the little things and we set out a great vision for our region and our communities. The world is a better place for what we have done together and electoral outcomes can not change that.

Being the candidate in this campaign was such an enormous privilege. I received so much support and enthusiasm for which I am deeply and eternally grateful. I got to meet so many wonderful members of our community and to hear about the great work they are doing to help our region and our communities.

Like many of you, the Parliament that will form is not the Parliament I hoped for - it's not the Parliament I was working to be a part of (on a personal note I think I may have dodged a bullet 😉). That said if I had made it, you know I would have given it my absolute all, along side our wonderful Greens colleagues who returned to the Parliament - with increased margins - to carry on the great work they do.

Winning our seat was always going to be difficult for us this time. We are not one of the major older parties that have dominated our political system for so long and led many to believe that's the way politics has to be - even though our Constitution that set up our Parliaments never envisaged this.

We all played positively, respectfully, graciously and fair. We did not engage in smear or fear - and I can say from the front line - we were the only real contender in this race that didn't.

Janelle now has the privilege of representing you and this region in massive part because of you, your incredible efforts and the preference discipline our voters exercised at the ballot box. This is something you will be able to hold true over the next 4 years.

Elections come and go, what stays is our desire to work for a kinder, fairer way of living together where we put the natural environment - the very beautiful living complex thing that sustains us all completely - first. So let's always remember to do that.

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I know it is early , but I do hope you run again, you have created the best and strongest most sincerest state greens representation Lismore has ever had,

I voted for you and would love to have seen you win, but this was a very impressive result, and makes it clear that we no longer have a two party system. I’ll vote for you again next round if you have the energy to go again. I’m sure that many people will.

Thanks sue on behalf of the complex beautiful natural world that sustains us all. You are a great friend to that source of life, and now let it nourish and sustain you. You deserve some self care and healing in nature because we all know you will be back fighting for Gaia again in many new ways soon enough. 💚💚💚

Very impressed with your conduct throughout the campaign Sue. You are an articulate and intelligent person and convey your views very effectively. Very proud to have voted for you.

Thank you Sue! I hope you run again whether it’s Federally or Locally. Lismore, NSW and more broadly the Australian community needs strong, honest, down to earth women in Parliament like yourself who really will represent the people locally and globally and the planet. 🖤💛❤️

Thanks so much Sue, please consider going for the Federal elections!

You are a shining light of integrity compassion and grace, the way you conduct yourself is an example for all to follow

You were great! A real pity about what happened. It should have been a better outcome for you! You deserved better.

Thank you Sue for those gracious words, but mostly for being a legend and the best candidate ever. So sorry you didn’t quite get over the line, but so very close. You’re a legend and an inspiration, and the Lismore electorate is in a better place after this campaign. 💚💚💚💚

Do hope you will consider running for the Federal seat our area really needs a reptesentative who cares for this community

well done sue, I don't know how everyone else is coping but it was a very sad day indeed when we woke up on Sunday and realised it really wasn't a very bad dream. hard to shake that feeling of despair. I'm now dreading the federal elections even more than ever.

You are all class Sue, a true beacon of inspiration and hope, and a breath of fresh air from the dirty campaigns others run.

Deeply moving, Sue, and such important words. You've generated a wonderful impetus which we can all carry forward into every aspect of our community life. Thank you again for your hard work and for the motivation and energy behind it.

So inspiring and deserving Sue, it was a really excellent campaign and I hope to see you running again sometime it would be so amazing to have you represent our region. All the best :)

Sue, Janelle you are great assets to our community even to those who don’t know it

It’s a shame you didn’t win Sue, I so thought we’d get there this time. Please run again. Please. Hope you’re getting some good rest and family love at the moment. xx

Thank you Sue, for representing us all so graciously & enthusiastically ❤👍❤

Big and energetic campaign that inspired even me down here in Sydney. Keep at it and be proud. ✨

I hope your passion for change is not wasted. Bless you in all you do 🤗

thanks so much Sue - it was an awesome campaign which again brought us all so much closer together and connected. and the power of that can not ever be underestimated. you were the best candidate by a long shot. now the coal miners will be shaking in their shoes thinking you'll be back to court which is where i hope you'll go! love ya work xx

You were a wonderful candidate Sue, and a great campaign.

Such a heartwarming post 💚 beautifully written Sue...your efforts for our community go on & l am profoundly grateful that an intelligent, caring & articulate woman like you lives & works amongst us... thank you & all the very best 💜😁

Thanks for all you have done over many years for our precious environment.

So the next item on the agenda, is to work out how to actually be ready. To drop self importance, and work for the regeneration and maintenance of our environment, our all and everything. Anything else is paucity. If we keep putting our heads down, the guilt of complicity will overcome us, and the climate events that are often now, will ramp up and we will be like the frog, in the water being brought to a boil. Oblivious, and we will be no more. Reality comes now as never before. Who is our member of parliament may not be of any real help. It is now for us to do. As it always was anyway. We've been able to avoid the potentials of the picture coming at us, because our mother, the planet has always been so giving. We've been disrespectful. Taken her for granted. So we now have the heat, and the cold, and it will not simply turn off, and allow a middle ground. Now there is a stress, an anxiety, an anger, different than we've known. Our modern world, and our human anomalies that have created it, ensure that even when the in between moments come, they're often missed. We can't just look back ... although we will ... we have to be caring; because, what is done is done, and we are of that creation, that responsibility. Many of those creations we thought were our reason. Well, reason was also taken for granted, and it has come to this. So we must step back, and look at where and how we must repair and clean up, and respect from here on. To respect our endless resource. Our mother - our planet. Saying all that, we must respect, and support Janelle Saffin. Lismore is surrounded by National Party seats that will offer little or no support. They will undermine even, if given the chance. The federal election is coming. Who will the Greens preselect???

Keep that green flag flying!

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14 hours ago

Sue Higginson -The Greens candidate for Lismore

What an awesome crew!!What an awesome crew!! ... See MoreSee Less


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.. & us ..

Sue you and the team in northern are awesome 👏 👏

Thank you so much to everyone who joined the awesome positive campaign to turn Lismore Green and all of the many wonderful folk who cast a vote for us. You are all absolutely fantastic in every way.

We just missed out but it seems almost certain Janelle Saffin - of the Labor Party - is up as the first female and non-National (for many many years) to represent the Lismore Electorate in the NSW Parliament.

The Greens across NSW have done well. The fantastic Tamara Smith, MP Jenny Leong and Jamie Parker MP have retained their seats so along with the great Upper House team and the fantastic supportive Greens NSW Party they will all continue to work for a future for all of us.

I have loved every single minute of working with you all in the politics of love, hope and change.

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Well, i reckon you should take a tilt at the federal election as the Greens candidate, you were up there amongst the vote, you and Janelle would make a great team for all of us. People know who you are and this is a great start, have a couple of days off and sleep on it :)

You took on the hardest of roads Sue and gave it 1000% as with everything you do. Thank you for campaigning so passionately to draw attention to the parlous state of our environment and the animals that rely upon our forests and waterways. If we can defeat the Nationals in Lismore, that has to be a good thing for our community and the environment. It's just tragic that it takes so much effort for what should be a given; protecting the people, animals, waterways and lands of the Northern Rivers from environmental devastation.

Congratulatons Sue Higginson -The Greens candidate for Lismore on your dignified and positive approach in the light of some nasty tactics. You would be an amazing asset to any community and I hope you stand again to represent Lismore in some capacity.

Thank you for putting yourself forward on the political stage to further make our world a better place, Sue. You are an inspiration to so many of us, but particularly to women, who are our great hope for change in a world largely failed by a corrupted boy’s club. We desperately need good folk like you to be engaged in positions of power and decision making and I hope, sooner rather than later, you are afforded that opportunity. I send you my warmest wishes and highest regard.💚💚💚

congratulations on a magnificent campaign and thankyou for showing us all how politics can be done

Beautifully worded Sue- congratulations on your personal efforts and your fabulous team of supporters. Janelle thanks you all for the very very strong flow of preferences to her.

Thank you Sue! Beautiful campaign full of positivity and integrity. Truly inspiring on every level. And to everyone who worked on the campaign incredible 💚

I was already a fan for life. We need to shift the bell curve of public opinion towards equity and sustainability and away from gullibility and short term self interest. This is where your most relevant strengths lie and I hope after a well earned rest you come back into public life.

In such a short period of time you absolutely ROCKED the boat and did an incredible job. Thank you Sue

Really disappointed for you Sue as I really wanted you to get in, but as you say next best got in. Well done and keep being the awesome advocate you are, your voice and leadership is so needed. ❤️💪🌍

You’re a shining light and a beautiful leader Sue, whether you’re in government or not. You and your wonderful team couldn’t have run that campaign any better than you did. May you get to take a well earned time of deep rest before you take on whatever comes next. Xx

All of the love Sue. You’re leadership is beyond words. Thank you 💚

Yes Janelle. Time to get things done. Now I can have my mum back 💚💚💚

So bummed that you won't be joining the team in parliament Sue, but what an incredible campaign! Well done also on contributing to a Nats loss in Lismore. Can't wait to see what you do next 💚

Thank you Sue for all you do for community & environment. You are an inspiration to us all & a big shout out to your incredibly dedicated team, and their fantastic work. With deep love & respect, from the deep south. 🙏💙💚🌏💚💙🙏

Soooo disappointed in outcome.. the Nats got back in here at Tweed. We have lost our farmland 😪 but huge thanks to all who tried to save us from this State government

It was a real privilege to work with you and your dedicated team ~ thank you so much for your positive vision Sue Higginson 💜💙💚💛❤💖❤💛💚💙💜

You’re a legend! I’m not giving up until the last vote is counted.

Thank you for being someone who puts themselves on the line for what they believe in Sue. You made a difference. 💕🙏

Thank you amazing beautiful strong woman for being such an inspiration to us all. I do feel we are largely responsible for Labour’s victory. Who knows what would have happened if they had really pushed their preference to you as we did to them. I am sure your family will love having you back and ty to them for giving you to us during this incredible time. All the best with whatever you choose to do! Love you so much!

Janelle Saffin may be a woman and may not be National party but the Labour party still doesn't recognise the connection between burning coal and runaway global warming. What a betrayal of all those kids who demonstrated last week.

From this article, Sue did very well, and not all that far off winning, either. https://www.echo.net.au/2019/03/saffin-win-green-preferences/?fbclid=IwAR08KKLIXDVx683XW61hUgocmsWfGXviYmaAxCudtCN0MBUGBkWWTmCiAig

So sad you didn’t get it Sue. You worked so hard, at least Janelle has beaten Austin.

You helped get nats out. Next time we'll get a green seat here.

I know that all of the good people in and around Uki voted for you Sue. I wish great things for you. We need leaders like you.

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